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The due diligence is done, and you and the buyer are satisfied with the deal. You’re getting ready to schedule a closing date where you and the buyer, along with your APS Consultant and other professionals, will dot the I's and cross the T’s. So what should you expect before crossing the finish line?


Goal setting is more than a fundamental business technique for achieving strategic business growth. Goal setting is the catalyst for your internal driving force.


Growing business value should be the ultimate goal of every business owner. Actively engaging in ongoing, focused efforts to grow value is the only true way to ensure the well-being of the company, the customers, the employees and the owner’s Life Beyond Business.


Where the real selling price of your Practice is decreased if the buyer does not achieve the guaranteed level of sales retention. We work very diligently to structure a selling price that will not be affected by the retention of sales that the Buyer may experience, because we believe that client retention for a new Buyer should be very close to that of the departing owner.


If an average amount of care and business sense is used, client retention after the sale is almost always a non-issue. After having facilitated the successful transition of over 100 practices in my 25 years, I have come to expect that nearly all of the clients will stay with the new owner.